Arborjet Arborplug Setter

The Arborplug has revolutionised the trunk injection industry enabling high volume, pressurized injections with fewer drill sites and quick recovery.


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This item: Arborjet Arborplug Setter

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1 × Arborjet Drill Bit #3

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1 × Arborjet Arborplugs #3 (100 pk)

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Arborjet Arborplug setter. Custom tool for setting Arborplugs. Part number 070-0120

Arborplugs are the most advanced innovation in trunk injection technology to ensure precise, high volume, and highly effective applications. Arborplugs are used once, and stay inside the tree to protect the tree from infection. The tree will grow over the Arborplugs in 1-2 years.


  • Tight seal for fast, consistent, and complete injection
  • Protects the surrounding environment and the applicator from unintended product contact
  • Minimizes the number of injection sites and helps to inhibit infection
  • Seals injection sites against insect or disease entrance while speeding site close-over

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Weight0.09 kg
Dimensions7 × 3 × 3 cm


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